Frequently Asked Questions


Q) What are the present Ottomate Fan models?

Ans) Smart Ready, Smart Ready Plus, Smart Standard, Smart Standard Plus

Q) What is the difference between Smart Ready/Standard and Smart Ready/Standard Plus fans?

Ans) Smart Ready/Standard are 3 blade fans while Smart Ready/Standard Plus are 4 blade fans.

Q) What are the colors in which Ottomate fans are available?

Ans) Champagne Gold, Otto White, Angel White

Q) What are the various Sweep Sizes for Ottomate Fans?

Ans) 50" 4 Blades, 50" 3 Blades, 40" 3 Blades, 30" 4 Blades

Q) For a 12' x 12' room, what is the appropriate sweep size for Ottomate fans.

Ans) 50"

Q) How can I operate an Ottomate fan?

Ans) Smart Ready & Smart Ready Plus fans are operated through regulator however, Smart Standard and Smart Standard Plus fans can be operated from the Ottomate App, available in Google Playstore. It is soon getting launched in Apple store too. It can also be operated through Smart Mate (IR Remote).

Q) What is the difference between Smart Ready and Smart Standard Fans

Ans) Smart Standard fans are AC Induction motor fans that come with Ottomate Smart Technology. Smart Ready fans are regular fans with an option to upgrade to Smaart Standard Fans.

Q) What is Otto mode?

Ans) 50" 4 Blades, 50" 3 Blades, 40" 3 Blades, 30" 4 BladesWith Otto Mode, the fan understands the temperature and humidity in the room and adjusts its speed and airflow for optimal thermal comfort.

Q)What is Breeze mode?

Ans) With Breeze mode, Fan cyclically changes its speed to create an outdoor-like breeze effect even inside the room.

Q) What is Turbo Mode?

Ans) With Turbo Mode, Ottomate Fan will run at a speed, 10% higher than the max. speed of the fan to give you that extra comfort in hot weather.

Q) What is a Master Switch?

Ans) You can switch Off/On all your Ottomate Fans with the touch of a button on the Ottomate App or the Smart Mate (IR Remote)

Q)How does Master Switch work?

Ans) Master Switch use Ottomate BLE 5.0 Mesh to switch OFF/ON all your fans.

Q)What are no. of speed options at which an Ottomate Fan can run?

Ans) Ottomate fans come with stepless speed controls with 100 speed options

Q)Are Ottomates fans anti-dust?

Ans) Yes, all Ottomate fans are anti-dust.

Q)What is the range of Bluetooth 5?

Ans) It has a range of up to 330 feet (line of sight) i.e. if there is no blockage. It can cover up to 3 walls in a standard Indian house

Q)Will Bluetooth connectivity work between 2 floors?

Ans) Depends on the height of every floor, material used for ceiling construction, etc. It also depends on whether you have any intermediate Ottomate device or not. Addition of every Ottomate device in your home makes the experience of Bluetooth 5 connectivity further better due to Mesh

Q)Will the Ottomate Smart fan work with App/Remote if it is switched off from the switchboard

Ans) No

Q)Is it possible to upgrade a Smart Ready Fan?

Ans) Yes

Q)What is Breeze mode?How can you convert a Smart Ready fan into a Smart Standard Fan ?

Ans) By raising an Upgrade to Smart Request and purchasing a Smart Capsule through the Ottomate App

Q)What is Smart Capsule? What is the cost? How it would be installed? What is the installation cost? What is the warranty period for this PCB? 

Ans) The Smart Capsule is an electronic PCBA kit which converts a Smart Ready fan to a Smart Standard Fan. It costs Rs. 999 to a customer. Once an upgrade request is raised, the Ottomate technician will visit your home to install the Smart Capsule. The cost of installation is Rs. 200 and the warranty is 1 year.

Q)What are the various PCBA protection with which Ottomate fans come

Ans) Ottomate fans are fire, dust, moisture and pest resistant with 4kV Surge protection, 450V Spike protection, 85V – 300V cut-off protection

Q)How many pole motors does the Ottomate Smart Ready and Smart Standard Fans have?

Ans) These fans have a 14 pole motor

Q)Will the Ottomate Smart fan work with App/Remote if it is switched off from the switchboardWhat is the power rating of various Ottomate fans?

Ans) "The Power Rating of Ottomate Fans are as follows,
1. Smart Ready/ Smart Standard 1000 mm - 65 W
2. Smart Ready/ Smart Standard 1250 mm - 75 W
1. Smart Ready Plus/ Smart Standard Plus 750 mm - 80 W
2. Smart Ready Plus/ Smart Standard Plus 1250 mm - 75 W"

Q)What is the RPM of various Ottomate fans?

Ans) "The RPM of Ottomate Fans are as follows,
1. Smart Ready/ Smart Standard 1000 mm - 370
2. Smart Ready/ Smart Standard 1250 mm - 340
1. Smart Ready Plus/ Smart Standard Plus 750 mm - 680
2. Smart Ready Plus/ Smart Standard Plus 1250 mm - 310"

Q)What is the Air Delivery of various Ottomate fans?

Ans) "The Air Delivery of Ottomate Fans are as follows,
1. Smart Ready/ Smart Standard 1000 mm - 180 CMM
2. Smart Ready/ Smart Standard 1250 mm - 245 CMM
1. Smart Ready Plus/ Smart Standard Plus 750 mm - 150 CMM
2. Smart Ready Plus/ Smart Standard Plus 1250 mm - 245 CMM"


Q) What are the present Ottomate Fan models?What is the price for the Ottomate Fans for online purchase

Ans) Please check our prices at

Q) Does smart ready fan operate through remote?

Ans) No

Q) What is the waranty of fan, purchased online?

Ans) The warranty policy is same for online and offline. As per Fan industry standard i.e for 2 years. However, the warranty on the Fan PCBA is for 1 year.

Q) How long does it take to deliver the online orders?

Ans) It would take 5-7 working days to deliver the order.

Q) How can i contact Ottomate?

Ans) For any queries, please mail to

Q) How can I check my order status on website?

Ans) Order Status communication is sent through SMS and Email.

Q) Can I put a request for fast delivery? if yes how much it cost?

Ans) Currently, there is no such process.


Q) How to download the Otto Retail Application?

Ans) Go to play store, search for Otto Retail and download

Q) What is the default User Id and password to login the RA application?

Ans) Default Password to access the RA application is otto@2018. Default User Id is the mobile number of the retailer filled during the registration process . Password is not subject to change.

Q) Why is there requirement of MPIN ?

Ans) The default password is provided for first time login only. The user once login with default password will be automatically redirected to set the MPIN of his choice.

Q) How to set the Mpin on logging in RA application?

Ans) M-pin is to be set by the user with any 4 digits of the choice.

Q) Incase I forgot my password, how would I login again into the RA Application ?

Ans) If the user forgets his password, the user can set the MPIN by clicking on forget password.

Q) Can the existing application run parallelly on Android and IOS?

Ans) Presently the application can only run on Android version. The company is working on IOS version of the application.

Q) Is the application accessible from desktop version?

Ans) M-pin is to be set by the user with any 4 digits of the choice.No, application can only be accessed through Android version of mobile.

Q) ow HtIn case of change in handset, can the application work as usual ?

Ans) No, User need to approach helpdesk mentioned on the application for old handset IMEI clearance. The helpdesk will help in ID clearance.

Q) How to approach Ottomate App Helpdesk?

Ans) Click on the three bars placed on the left hand side at top most corner

Q) Is there any agreement to be signed by the Dealer Franchise at the time of first time log in?

Ans) Yes, on first time login e-agreement will get auto populated and dealer need to go through the terms and conditions and electronically accept the e-agreement.

Q) How to place order?

Ans) Click on order booking, choose Fans product category and then further click on ceiling to view the list of Products.

Q) How should I know which stock is available for order?

Ans) SKUs in background color as green will be available for order . Green color denotes availability of stock. SKU in red color is out of stock and cannot be available for ordering.

Q) Where should I click to fill in the order quantity?

Ans) Order quantity column against the available SKUs.

Q) What is the minimum quantity I can order?

Ans) You can place the orders only in the even numbers like qty 2, 4, 6, 8 and so on. For remote the minimum order quantity is allowed for 10 pieces followed by 20, 30 & so on.

Q) Can I edit the order quantity?

Ans) Quantity can be edited before confirmation of order at the Warehouse level.

Q) How should I know my current billable balance?

Ans) Current billable balance is visible on the order booking module.

Q) Can I place order for an amount in excess of the billable amount?

Ans) Yes, you can place the order in excess of the billable amount, but the same will not be processed further till the time sufficient account balance exist and will show as pending order. Alternatively order value can be modified by going to the pending order in order booking option by editing the order quantity field. The user will also get a pop-up notification that the order value exceeds the billable amount.

Q) How can I view my submitted order?

Ans) Presently the application can only run on Android version. The company is working on IOS version of the application.You can view the order status by clicking on the option “Pending orders” in Otto Retail App.

Q) Can I cancel the order?

Ans) Yes, the order is allowed to be cancelled till pending stage only. Once order is confirmed at Warehouse level, it cannot be cancelled.

Q) Are there any milestones available showing the status of orders successfully placed?

Ans) "Yes, retail application keeps on updating the order milestones as below. Go to the reports section and then click on the OB current status to know the status of orders.
1. Order Confirmed
2. Order Allocated
3. Order Shipped
4. Order Delivered"

Q) How can I view my current inventory?

Ans) Go to Stock Management then click on DF current stock. All the stock available with you will be displayed at quantity level.

Q) Do I need to update my inventory in the application post physical delivery of goods?

Ans) No, your inventory gets auto updated in the application on successful completion of the shipped milestone.

Q) How can I get my Invoice copy?

Ans) Invoice copy is attached with the product delivered and is also auto submitted at the registered email ID of the DF.

Q) How can I register the short supply of stock on the App?

Ans) Go to stock management, select the short supply claim, click on the order number and select the checkbox against the serial number not received and submit.

Q) What will happen after short supply of SKU request is submitted?

Ans) Auto emailer will go to the Ottomate logistic team capturing the serial number and SKU code under short supply. Logistic team will take up the case with the concerned transporter for early issue resolution under information to DF.

Q) Do I need to use the application at the time of sale of a product to customer?

Ans) Yes, Customer sale is necessarily required through use of application as the installation of product is governed based on data received from application.

Q) What information do I require to fill in the App to effect a customer sale?

Ans) Only few information of the customers are required to be filled in such as Contact No, State, District, City and installation Pin-code.

Q) What do I need to scan, QR Code or Bar Code at the time of customer sale?

Ans) You need to scan the QR code only at the time of customer sale. In case of bar code scanning, the app will show the product as not available for sale.

Q) In case my QR code scanner does not work properly, what is the alternative option?

Ans) "You need to manually put the Product code and then the symbol ~ and then the serial number to complete the sale. For example if your SKU code is CAS503MGW and Serial number is 11902004391, the sequence to be filled will be as follows:
However this is highly advisable to scan the QR of the product."

Q) How should I know the availability of the installation is in serviceable area or not?

Ans) Availability of the installation is informed at the time of customer sale process.

Q) Do I need to convey the same to customer about installation serviceability?

Ans) Yes, you need to convey to the customer that the installation is chargeable.

Q) How to appoint a sub-dealer?

Ans) You can appoint sub-dealer by using sub-dealer module in the section Add/Edit sub-dealer by further clicking on New Sub-dealer.

Q) How to register a sub-dealer?

Ans) DF need to fill in the registration form for a sub-dealer.

Q) What happens on registration of new sub-dealer?

Ans) Sub-dealer approval request will move to the concerned TSI for approval.

Q) On appointment, can sub-dealer place orders?

Ans) Yes, Sub-dealer can place orders after successful approval & appointment.

Q) Is the dealer allowed to place the order on behalf of Sub-dealer?

Ans) Yes, a dealer can place the order on behalf of Sub-dealer.

Q) How can I effect a sale to a sub-dealer?

Ans) Availability of the installation is informed at the time of customer sale process.Go to sub-dealer module and select the sub-dealer sale. Select the Sub-dealer to whom sale is to be made, scan the QR code and proceed.

Q) How to view my sub dealer inventory?

Ans) Availability of the installation is informed at the time of customer sale process.Go to Stock Management section then click on Sub-dealer current stock all the stock available will be displayed in quantity.


Q) Can multiple members access the device?

Ans) Yes, User can invite new members from the 'Invite' option in side-menu to give access for Ottomate products as Guest user or Master user.

Q) Can Guest user add/remove the new device or rise an installation request?

Ans) No, Guest user can only control products in place, only Maser user can add/modify devices.

Q) "How many devices can I add in a place?

Ans) You can add as many devices as you wish.

Q) "From where can I Install Ottomate App on my phone?

Ans) For an Android phone, you can get the app in the Google App store.


Q) Where can I buy an Ottomate Fan?

Ans) "We are available in over 500 stores in 50 cities. Check your nearest shop here: You can also buy online"

Q) Will I get a remote with the fan?

Ans) Smart Mate (IR remote) is an add on accessory and has to be purchased sparately

Q) What is the Price of Smart Mate?

Ans) It can be purchased from Ottomate Website at ₹ 199 or from any of our authorised stores.


Q) Who would install the Ottomate fan?

Ans) The Ottomate Service Engineer would install the fan in your house.

Q) How can a customer raise a complaint or request a service?

Ans) We know customer doesn’t like to call customer care and wait in the queue. Hence we are empowering the customer to register his service request from his customer App itself and our service team calls them directly. He just needs to choose a convenient date and time for him to be contacted

Q) How can a customer raise an installation request?

Ans) First you need to install the Ottomate app and create a place in it with your physical address & scan the QR code on the fan box to raise the installation request

Q) When will the installation happen post purchase?

Ans) At the time of raising the installation request, you can choose suitable date & time to contact you & discuss with the Service Engineer for the available installation slots.

Q) What is the warranty on Ottomate Fans?

Ans) As per Fan industry standard i.e for 2 years. However, the warranty on the Fan PCBA is for 1 year.

Q) Will the fan continue to work mechanically if electronic PCB fails?

Ans) No, Fan will not work if the electonic PCBA fails

Q) Does the Ottomate fan require a Regulator?

Ans) Only Smart Ready and Smart Ready Plus fans require regulator. However, it is mandatory to bypass the regulator in case of Smart Standard and Smart standard Plus fans.

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