Smart Standard - India's Most Hi-Tech Fan | 245 cmm Air Delivery | 2 Year Warranty

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  • Automatic Speed Control - Temperature and Humidity Sensors
  • 245 cmm best in class Air Delivery, Higher RPM & 14 Pole Powerful Motor.
  • Premium & Distinctive Looks.
  • Easily Operable through Remote and Ottomate App
  • 2 Year Warranty. Free Installation
  • 130+ Service Centres across the country.

Ottomate Smart

The Ottomate smart fan operates with your smartphone with just a touch of a button. The fan operates via Bluetooth 5.0 Mesh Technology. There are various modes in the Ottomate fans designed for your needs.

1. With Otto Mode, the fan understands the temperature and humidity in the room and adjusts its speed and airflow to your comfort based on the thermal comfort algorithm.

2. The Fan cyclically changes its speeds by modulating the rpm to create an outdoor-like breeze effect even inside the room in the Breeze Mode.

3. With TURBO Mode, the fan can now run 10% faster than the fastest speed of a regular fan.

4. Master Switch: All the Ottomate devices of your home can be switched off/on with a single click on your smartphone. No more hassles of going up the floor to switch off the light.

One Touch Control

All Ottomate Smart Fans use the latest Bluetooth 5.0 Mesh Technology . Now you can control all your fans with touch of a button through your Ottomate Mobile App . No need to go to each room to turn ON/OFF the fans or change the speed.

Inbuilt Voltage Stabilizer


• Surge Protection (4KV)
• Spike Protection (450 V) to withstand generator startup voltage spikes.


• Lower Voltage Cut off (85V) to prevent motor burnout.
• Higher Voltage Protection (280V) to protect PCBA.


All the Ottomate fans are anti-dust. The fan comes with a special coating that does not allow dust to settle on the fans. This makes maintenance of the fans easy. So, no more hassles of getting up the ladder and cleaning you fans every month.

*under test conditions.

Free Home Installation Via Ottomate APP

1. Download Ottomate APP from Google Play store by scanning the QR code (available on the motor box)

2. Once the APP is downloaded, enter your mobile number and OTP will be sent to your mobile number.

3. On entering OTP, Enter your Name, Email ID and Login into Consumer APP

4. Click on Installation Request Tab, then click Add New Device and scan the QR code available on the motor box (posted on white background sticker)

5. Click on Add Tab

6. After the product is added in the consumer app, add the address where you want the installation to be done and select the preferred date and time slot for installation.

7. Ottomate service engineer will call you and confirm the appointment for fan installation.

More Information
Number Of Blades 3 Blades
Motor AC
RPM 340
Air Delivery (CMM) 230
Power Consumption (W) 75 W
Operating Voltage Range (V) 220-240 V
Length (mm) 1250
Width (mm) 1250
Height (mm) 380
Warranty Ottomate fan carries warranty of electro-mechanical parts against manufacturing defects for the period of 2 years from the date of purchase  However, for smart PCB module assembly  and other electronic parts warranty is valid for 1 year only
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